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For over 5 years Ride-4-Fun has helped 1,000's of GEM owners around the world create the GEM Car of their dreams

We currently have a limited number of Ride-4-Fun Equipped GEM Cars - Hot, Fast, Reliable, and Ready To Go for shipment anywhere in the U.S. - Call us for details.

With Ride-4-Fun parts and assistance its never been easier to have the GEM Car you always wanted:

  • 35+MPH performance with higher reliability

  • Incredible handling and easier steering

  • Awesome street styling

  • All weather comfort in all conditions

  • Extended and higher performing battery life

Regardless of your GEM Car model or year, It's never been easier to transform your new or used GEM Car

How it works - Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to having the hottest GEM Car in your community:

  1. Consider any of the Ride-4-Fun factory options below.

  2. Call Ride-4-Fun to speak directly with a factory trained GEM Car performance specialist.

  3. All Ride-4-Fun  accessories are easily installed with basic tools and we are always available by phone to assist.

  4. or Have your local mechanic call us and we'll be happy to instruct them on the installation of any Ride-4-Fun  parts.  

1000's of satisfied GEM owners have followed this process and discovered how easy and affordable it was to enhance their GEM car driving.

Choose any of the following options::

  •  7.5 HP High Output Motor - 50% more power than a stock motor and built tough to withstand higher temperatures and the most extreme conditions - Guaranteed to deliver true 35MPH performance with incredible acceleration.

  • 14" High Performance Aluminum Tire & Wheel Package - Provides sports car like handling, significantly easier steering and awesome styling - your Ride-4-Fun Gem will turn heads.

  • "Full View" Soft Doors - All weather protection from a door system that enhances the look of your gem while allowing you to experience Gem pleasure 365 days a year.

  • High Performance Charging System - Ride-4-Fun  has upgraded the charging system to provide full peak charge performance and increase battery life.

  • Expert Controller Reprogramming - Ride-4-Fun has more experience reprogramming Gems than anyone. Master programmer "Bobby J" will reprogram your Gem for dialed-in performance, comfort, range, and longevity.

Ride-4-Fun  is here to help, so don't hesitate to contact us to speak with a GEM Car specialist. Take advantage of what GEM Car owners world wide have discovered and let us put our GEM Car experience to work for you.

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