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Gem Car Doors - Order Now - Soft Gem Car Door Systems for 2 & 4 Seater Gem Cars

Gem Car Doors: "Full View" Soft Systems offered exclusively at Ride-4-Fun!

Gen-II "Full View" Soft Doors Now Available - For All 2 & 4 Seater Gems! 

     Gem Car doors systems to meet your Gem Car driving needs - for work, recreation, and for everyday use. Hard designs have aggressive styling for the ultimate weather protection and safety. "Full View" soft designs for piece of mind and comfort in all weather conditions. Whichever you prefer, you have the choice of selecting from the hottest looking Gem door products available, at factory direct pricing that is 20% to 50% less than other door systems.

     You are invited to preview Full View GEM Car Doors - A line of soft door products offered exclusively at Ride-4-Fun. For any questions, comments, or requests for additional information, please feel free to contact a product specialist who can answer any of your product questions. In addition you can can review what recent Ride-4-Fun customers are saying about their new GEM car doors. 

Ride-4-Fun Soft Doors

      Exclusive manufacturer of the "Full View" Gem Car Door System.  Don't accept any imitations. The only complete package available on the market, starting at $429!  This system offers 100% unobstructed driver and passenger visibility for your safety and driving pleasure, while providing year round, all weather protection.   

     The complete installation kits which are detailed at the bottom of this page, come with everything you need to easily install the best looking product on the market. In addition, phone assistance is provided to answer any questions you may have, ensuring a hassle free installation in under one hour. 

"Full View" Door Systems are available for all
2 & 4 Passenger Gem Cars

Model  Price Purchase
all years, for all 2-passenger models
$69 added for shipping/handling

all years, for all 4-passenger models
$79 added for shipping/handling


Ride-4-Fun "Full View" Doors  Competitors Soft Doors
2-Door system for $429 $599 or more
4-Door system for $639 $799 or more
  "Full View" of car body lines  Covers car style
No blind spots     Limited visibility
Seamless design  More seams to fail
  "Common Sense" SS  fasteners       Annoying snaps
Strata Glass rear window  Regular 20 mil. clear 

     The unique one piece design will provide years of trouble free use. No snaps to oil or pull out. The marine quality glass is easily cleaned and there will be no worries or concerns about material fading, staining, or discoloration over the years. The highest quality marine grade components are used to guarantee years of beauty and enjoyment.

     Simply unzip and get in. Nice weather in the forecast -  use the "Common Sense" fasteners to hold it open and to keep it out of the way - no tie backs or strings to come undone. At anytime you can quickly undo the "Common Sense" fasteners, and the "Full View" system is easily folded and stored. Need weather protection - release the fasteners and zip up, or attach the "Full View" system in minutes, and you have the best weather protection available - It's that easy!

So clear you can barely see them while they are protecting you from the elements


Open, fasten them back, and you're ready to enjoy nice weather


All Ride-4-Fun Door Systems include the highest quality marine components, glass and strata glass rear windows. The same materials used on the finest yachts in the world - crystal clear with zero distortion and designed to stay that way!



All  2 & 4 Seater "Full View" door systems now include side window vents
 as a standard feature -  no additional charge!


100% visibility, the clear choice in weather protection for your Neighborhood Electric Vehicle .. Order today and you'll be ready for spring showers, summer thunderstorms and unsettled fall and winter weather.  In stock for immediate delivery.

Starting at $429                                                                 

At $395, this is a worthwhile investment. Something that will expand the use and enjoyment of your Neighborhood Electric Vehicle.  So valuable, you may wonder how you lived without it.

Common Sense SS Fasteners                                     

Have you ever wrestled with the snaps on a boat canvas? Definitely not a great experience. With these fasteners, simply twist the "Common Sense" fastener to undo, or to confidently lock into place. There is no pulling out of snaps, and no maintenance required, allowing for 100% ease of use.

Seamless Design                                                               

The two-piece design has no extra seams. This means no ripping of seams, annoying maintenance, or failure to last through seasons of the toughest use.


"Full View" of Vehicle Body Lines                                     

Complement the looks of your vehicle - Don't hide it's beauty under a cover. You can avoid the "covered wagon" effect that results from the other Neighborhood Electric Vehicle products you may find on the market today.

No Blind Spots                                                                    

The true joy of the ride, is your ability to be closer to the outdoors. With "Full View", you don't have to compromise your proximity to the outside world when the weather isn't perfect. Safe visibility with a 360 degree view. 

Complete Installation Kit                                                  

Using ordinary home tools and the accessories provided, installation will take less than 2 hours.

  1. Stick slide rail in place (peel-n-stick) and then secure with self tapping screws.

  2. Slide "Full-View" doors in place through the rails.

  3. Mark holes and install common sense fasteners with self tapping screws.

  4. Enjoy the Ride!

As always with all Ride-4-Fun products, phone assistance is provided to answer any questions you may have, ensuring a hassle free installation.

Getting products that work, and service done right the first time, is crucial. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your performance needs. Thank you for the opportunity to exceed your requirements and highest expectations, with real performance, and enhanced reliability.

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